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Cultivator of Congo - 4.0 with rollers or a spring-tooth harrow

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The main purpose of the cultivator seedbed tillage – primary and pre-sowing soil treatment with a moderate amount of plant residues.

In one pass of the cultivator is provided by:

  • grinding and mixing of the soil with plant residues

  • 100% destruction of weeds

  • continuous cultivation to predetermined depth

  • leveling soil, breaking lumps and combing of cut weeds spring tines

  • crushing, levelling and compaction of the soil ribbed rollers;

The above operations allow to obtain the optimal conditions for subsequent sowing.культиватор КНПО-3,6 вид 1

Of Congo - 3,6

культиватор КНПО-3,6 вид 2культиватор КНПО-3,6 вид 3

Machine Type Hinged
Width constructive 3.6 m
Working speed 8 - 12 km/h.
Performance 2.9 Hectares./h
Depth of processing 5-14 see
The number of concurrent farming operations 3
Aggregation with tractors of class 1,4 KN (min)
The required power 80 HP
The volume of the hydraulic unit 5±0,5 L.
The type of work on paw CAT
Width one feet 270 mm.
The overlap of the working bodies 60 mm.
The minimum distance between adjacent working bodies on the frame 210 mm.
The number of working bodies - Legs 19
The number of working bodies - spring tooth 36
Clearance under the frame, OPC 710 mm (soles of feet)
Transport clearance 300 mm (minimum)
Length in working position 4.5 m.
Height in working position 1.1 m
Standard equipment 3-row harrow with spring teeth
Optional equipped plastic ice rink with a step of~100 mm.
with a diameter of 255 mm.
Weight. 1150 kg.

The above operations allow to obtain the optimal conditions for subsequent sowing. The cultivator construction is an Assembly consisting of a Central frame cultivator section which includes a complete snow working bodies, rear battery from 2-row spring teeth harrows, and rollers, by means of rods attached to the rear beam of the frame. The frame is fitted with hydraulic wheel mechanism to ensure that both transportation and machine work as reference, to guide and support the depth of processing. The machine is attached to the machine (the tractor) by means of an adjustable height drawbar with a coupling loop at the end.

Рабочий орган культиватора КППО

Working on OPC

The working body consists of two "C" shaped struts and the chisel width is 270 mm.

  • spring strut strip 10x70 (steel 60s2a)

  • Rigid post of square 25x25

The clutches are arranged in 4 rows so that the minimum distance between the next in the series – 650 mm between the rows -480 mm, between neighboring plan – 210 mm, working width in feet 270 mm provides an overlap of 60 mm.

Spring-tooth harrow consists of a double girder frame on which increments of 250 mm is installed teeth in 2 rows with an offset of 125mm.The frame is suspended on 4 leashes on the rods and fixed in a restrictive circuit. allows you to easily climb up from a given level of progress.

Plate ( ribbed) rollers 255 mm join two rods through the adjustment of safety clutch mechanism that specifies the desired depth of stroke ,the push force of the rink on the soil.

лапа культиватора КППО КНПО

Paw KPPO-Congo

Hydraulic wheel mechanism designed in such a way that the rod of the hydraulic cylinder has two end positions:

  • Fully extended transport position with a clearance of not less than 300 mm

  • Fully retracted position when

Depth adjustment stroke snow working bodies is achieved by reversal of the wheel bracket around the axis to the desired angle by the elongation or shortening of the helical tie-lanyards. Lanyard attached to one side of the upper cheek of the wheel mechanism and the other to the bracket that is welded to the front beam of the frame. Shorten the lanyard leads to a lowering of the wheels and decrease of the depth of the legs. The elongation of the lanyard, on the contrary, leads to the penetration of the legs.

On the Central frame installed balancing mechanisms to ensure high vehicle stability and a reliable contour and the desired depth of treatment.

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