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Cultivators KGS-4 KGS-KGS 6,5-7 KGS-KGS 7,4-7,9 KGS-KGS 8,4-9,3

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Cultivators tillage wide-KGS Designed for continuous cultivation of the soil, for pre-treatment, as well as for loosening untreated stubble. One pass cultivator produces 2 or 3 optional operation, depending on the availability of the rink.

  • Cultivation

  • Grinding

  • Rolling (Optional)

Treatment cultivator in one pass to perform the necessary operations of tillage as in the main and pre-sowing cultivation (solid soil). Guaranteed high-quality processing of the soil cultivator and reliable design, easy maintenance and adjustment, high productivity, reasonable prices and quality wear cultivator working bodies with high resource exploitation – the key to timely carry out the necessary work with the highest quality and best result.

культиватор КГШ-4 вид 1


культиватор КГШ-4 вид 2культиватор КГШ-4 вид 3

Technical characteristics of cultivator

Name KGS-4 KGS-6,5 KHS-7 KGS of 7.4 KGS-7,9 KGS-8,4 KGS-9,3 KGS-10,4 KGS-11 KGS-12
The Type Of Cultivator Trailer
Width M. 4 6,5 7 7,4 7,9 8,4 9,3 10,4 11 12
Tractor Power HP 80-90 130-160 140-160 150-170 160-180 170-200 190-210 200-220 210-230 250-320
Productivity Ha/h. 3.2 5.2 5.6 5.9 6.3 6.7 7.5 8.3 8.8 9.6
Depth of processing, see 5 - 15
The type of work on ploskorezy hoe
The working width of the legs 310 mm.
The distance between the working bodies on the frame 230 mm.
The overlap of the legs 80 mm.
Clearance under the frame (from the sole of the foot) 700 mm.
Height in transport position mm. 1100 2880 3130 3330 3580 3830 3320 3870 4170 4670
Length in transport position 8000 mm.
Number of shares PCs. 16 28 30 32 34 36 41 45 47 51
Weight without roller kg. 1500 2600 2800 3000 3200 3400 4600 4900 5300 5600
Weight with roller kg. 1800 3100 3300 3500 3700 4000 5400 5700 6100 6500

культиватор КГШ-8.4 с закрытым крылями


культиватор КГШ-8.4 вид 2культиватор КГШ-8.4 вид 3

стойка КГШ

Case KGS Assembly

The body of the cultivator KGS is a unique patented Assembly consisting of a fastening and regulating spring mechanism, which in turn consists of two types of springs, helical (diameter 12mm.) and C-shaped (arc cross-section 20x45). The casing design ensures uniformly high-quality processing of the soil and ensures the longevity as a working body, and the construction as a whole.
The key to the reliability of the cultivator is its frame, consisting of three sections (except CGS-4, which consists only of a Central frame) – the Central and two wings. All bearing elements of the frame are made of solid profile tgrn high rigidity. The wings are pivotally connected to Central frame and into the transport position with two hydraulic cylinders, which facilitate rotation of the wings at 110 degrees. In this case the center of gravity of the wings is shifted to the center of gravity of the middle frame, with a fairly wide wheelbase determines the high stability of the tiller while moving over rough terrain.

Significant ( more than 120 kg on the toe of the leg) activation force of the safety spring allows you to work the soil a high degree of hardness at a predetermined depth.

Paw CGS is also suitable for cultivators
John Deere
and Flexicoil
1) Width 305 mm.
2) steel Grade - 65,
3) Tashira - 6 mm.

Лапа КГШ, John deere, case


The cultivator is made for semi-trailed scheme and is attached to the tractor by means of an adjustable height long towbar high stiffness, which minimizes the influence of the bias point of the trailer when the tractor and also significantly increases the maneuverability of the unit "tractor cultivator" in the turns.

Working clearance of the cultivator (from frame bottom to the sole of the foot) is 710 mm, together with 4-row (width up to 8.4 metres, inclusive) or 5 row ( width over 10 meters) placement of the working bodies with the smallest distance between adjacent in the row 690 mm fully eliminates clogging programnogo space stubble and plant residues. And with center-to-center distance 230 mm between adjacent during ploskorezy paws width 310 mm (mutual overlap of 80 mm) provided 100% podrazhaet any weeds.

Борона зубовая

Tooth harrow

Finishing provides three-row spring-tooth harrow and rear stripe roller 255 with an adjustable pressing force and a step track strips 100mm.

Adjustment of the depth of the cultivator is provided with 4 screw clamps,changing the tilting angle of the hydraulic wheel mechanisms. Thus when the cylinders are completely closed during transportation – fully open. Regardless of the depth adjustment transport clearance will be greater than 300 mm. Access control elements convenient, as all points are located near the front beam of the cultivator.

Sectional device frame allows the wings to move to 5-7градусов up and down, making possible high-quality processing of slopes, depressions and hills, precisely copying the terrain.

КГШ-12 с катком вид 1

3) Tashira - 8 mm.
Прицепной культиватор Кгш-4 с катком и зубовой трехрядной бороной Днепр - изображение 2
Прицепной культиватор Кгш-4 с катком и зубовой трехрядной бороной Днепр - изображение 3
Прицепной культиватор Кгш-4 с катком и зубовой трехрядной бороной Днепр - изображение 4
Прицепной культиватор Кгш-4 с катком и зубовой трехрядной бороной Днепр - изображение 5
Прицепной культиватор Кгш-4 с катком и зубовой трехрядной бороной Днепр - изображение 6
Прицепной культиватор Кгш-4 с катком и зубовой трехрядной бороной Днепр - изображение 7
Прицепной культиватор Кгш-4 с катком и зубовой трехрядной бороной Днепр - изображение 8

Additional information
Negotiable price For all questions regarding this announcement, please call
Skype: agroprodazha

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